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World premiere for internet on trains

The Scandinavian train company Linx is the first in world with wireless internet access on the new Linx trains. This is news that offer opportunities to work more efficient during the train journey.

(Update 01.07.2003)
Commercial operation of Linx Internet On Board will start on Linx-trains operatin Gothenburg - Copenhagen from July 7th. Operation Stockholm - Oslo is planned to start in October. During June 2003 there is trial operation Gothenburg - Copenhagen open for our passengers, but we cannot guarantee the service to function at all departures nor at all times during this period.
What many airlines plan and other train operators test is now a reality in Scandinavia - a permanent online connection to the internet while you travel by train. You will be able to send and receive emails and work as you do in your office, with all the possibilities that internet can provide.
- A train journey is no longer solely a transport between two places. With internet onboard and some other services, our customers can in a different way set their own pace, says Reidar Jignéus, Managing Director at Linx AB. We also get the opportunity to communicate with our onboard crew, continues Reidar Jignéus.
Travel companies traditionally are slow in a distributing fast and updated information and communicating with their employees, because they often are working at different locations. The new technique creates a better communication and strengthens our organisation. Especially with regards to efficiency, which in the end is a great advantage to our clients, concludes Reidar Jignéus.
Technically, it is built on a wireless, satellite based communication, completed with GSM links. In that way both the broadband capacity and connectivity is achieved. On board, you connect your own laptop wireless (with a WLAN card) and connect to the internet.
The first line to experience the internet opportunities is on the Linx trains between København and Göteborg. The line Oslo - Stockholm will be getting these possibilities during autumn.
The supplier of the wireless communication system is Icomera AB in Göteborg, and they are specialising in wireless computer communication. 


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For further information, please contact:
Linx AB: Reidar Jignéus, VD
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Icomera AB: Michael Johansson, VD
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