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New and improved web
New and improved web

Linx has a new web profile. We have listened to our customers and partners, and we are now proud to present a new internet site.

Linx' new web site will be the easiest and best way to your great rail adventures of Scandinavia.
We have now introduced our new, comfortable high-speed trains on the Oslo-Karlstad-Stockholm and Göteborg-København lines. At the same time, we are also improving our web site. Linx represents a borderless co-operation between the railway companies in Norway and Sweden: NSB and SJ.
- Like our trains, our new web site is modern and adjusted to future needs. Not only the design, but also better possibilities of getting information about our offers and buy tickets in an easy way, says Øyvind Rørslett, Marketing Director at Linx.
Online tickets
Shortly all Scandinavian Linx customers will be able to purchase online train tickets, and charge a credit card. The ticket will arrive by mail a couple of days after the reservation. It will also be possible to reserve online in Norway or Denmark and collect the ticket at SJ stations and ticket machines in Sweden. We are currently working with a solution for a substantial number of collecting points in Norway.
- We plan to be ready with this for the summer traffic, and in the future we also consider placing full-service ticket machines on our stations in Norway and Denmark. People shall have easy access to Linx, emphasizes Rørslett. We have chosen a co-operation with SJ about the online solution. This means that all Linx and SJ trains only are a few clicks away. Many destinations in Sweden will be available on one ticket  by Linx train from Oslo or København, and for onward journey in Sweden. 
Among future plans are both "ticketless journey" and city breaks purchased online. The ticketless journey means that our customers can reserve and pay for the journey(s) via our web site, and board the train without a paper ticket. Our new web site makes this possible. It will naturally also be possible to purchase Linx tickets at the stations, travel agencies and through telephone in the future.
Linx stop at many cities and places with a variety of exciting offers. On our new site we give you a small selection and teasers to events where Linx can bring you. We will also guide you to information about the destinations.
Linx AB
Linx AB is an independent, limited company, owned by SJ and NSB. This guarantees both knowledge and resources. The company consists of 190 employees, and the head office is in Göteborg, Sweden. The Swedish/Norwegian co-operation binds Oslo-Göteborg with the Malmö-København region in a more efficent way, and improves travel between Oslo, Karlstad and Stockholm. The new high-speed lines offer a higher level of comfort and service, combined with shorter travel times and an increase in departures.
For more information, contact:
Reidar Jignéus, VD
Tel. Göteborg: +46 31 10 49 64, Mobil: +46 733 150 904.
E-post: reidar.jigneus@linx.se
Øyvind Rørslett, markedssjef
Tel. Göteborg: +46 31 10 49 48, Oslo: +47 23 15 85 87
Mobil: +46 733 150 909
E-post: oyvind.rorslett@linx.se
Thomas Mackinnon, webmaster
Tel: +47 23 15 85 86
Mob: +46 733 150 907
E-post: thomas.mackinnon@linx.se


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During spring it will be possible to purchase tickets online, which can be sent directly to your Norwegian or Danish home address. Meanwhile, you can use one of these sales points: Read more »
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